Rafael A. López

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selected work



︎︎︎graphic design

Rafael Alejandro López is a Swiss-Venezuelan filmmaker and graphic designer, based in Los Angeles.

Raised between countries in seemingly perfect opposition, López’s personal work explores flawed political systems and the duality of the human condition. Through the micro-lens of human experiences, López’s aesthetic osciliates  between absurdism, fiction and realism.

Heavily influenced by Nina Menkes’ teaching throughout their time at CalArts, López’s approach to filmmaking strives to combat the pre-established patriarchal norms of mainstream visual language by centering humanity over entertainment.

Aside from filmmaking, they hold an odd passion for sandwich making, and might just end up opening a bodega in Washington Heights.

dir. / cinematography / editing / color grading:
Rafael A. López

co-directed with:
Hanna Tzong-Han Wu